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FB Instant Articles will let publishers keep ad revenue

Facebook is trying to woo publishers to let them host the news content locally in order to keep users engage -- and they're willing to pay for it.

The current setup is that news publishers can post links on Facebook directing users to their content, something that's worked very well for them since a great part of their traffic comes from social media. However, Facebook found...



Unwritten rules of social media (Part 3)

For the last part of our series on social media rules, we're focusing on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Social media rules for Twitter

- No to keyword-stuffing. Before posting a tweet, try saying it out loud first then think of how human or how robotic it sounds. A tweet stuffed with targeted keywords will always sound weird to human ears -- and will probably hurt the...


Facebook To Cut Back On Promotional Posts From Newsfeeds

Facebook doesn't seem to be worried about losing advertisers. Their announcement last week regarding newsfeeds just made everything official for business owners: no more freeloading.

Well, actually they said it was the users themselves who are saying they don't want promotional posts on their news feeds. And Facebook being the user-loving social network that it is, readily ...